World-wide Market
Trans-border EC site expanding sales overseas

Trans-border EC is a system that crosses national border to carry out sales and services, in short, an Overseas Online Shop.
Trans-border EC is being widely recognized in the recent times, because of the decrease in Japan’s population, and thereby the internal expenditure.
The main reason for Japanese products and services being recognized overseas is the boost of EC over the years.
Genero Commerce is an assembly for the smooth functioning of the overseas sales activities.

Existing Multi-lingual Site Management

The management of the content on the admin screen in each language is very difficult. This makes the overall material management impossible.The payment settlement management becomes complex, because of the scattered management of the payment function in different management.If the admin screen does not support multi-lingual framework, the employees in other countries cannot manage inventories.

Genero Commerce Multi-Lingual Site Management

Multi-lingual commerce sites can be managed altogether on one admin screen.
Inventory Control can also be managed on the multilingual setup.
Management of the payment function becomes easy because it is not separate for each language.
Because the admin screen supports multiple languages, employees from different countries can comfortably manage the inventories.

Multilingual Support
Multilingual support is possible on admin screen as well as Commerce Sites.
We have provided a dropdown menu on the site for the purpose of language selection or switching, which enables the users to choose the language of their convenience. 
Exchange Calculation Tool
An exchange Calculation Tool is provided to enable buyers from different countries to view the price of the product in the currency of their own country even if it displayed
originally in Japanese Yen (or any other currency). Every time a product is registered at the admin side, price is entered and then the tool calculates the exchange rate for each product.
Translation Services
Apart from structure, content translation is required for building multilingual sites. Genero Commerce guarantees content translation as well as information creation according to the customers’ requirement.
PayPal Payment Support
We support payment through PayPal.
It makes payment possible in various currencies and through various types of credit cards.
Buyers can make smooth transactions because the payment screen can be displayed in multiple languages.