About SugarCRM

SugarCRM Inc., United States is the world’s largest CRM specialist vendor offering SFA(Sales Force Automation)System ・CRM(Customer Relationship Management)System. Having over 400 employees worldwide and about 1,500,000 users. it is used in 120 countries and 26 languages. After 20 consecutive quarters of growth, from being a major IT Research Company, it has been selected to be a leader in CRM software sector.

About Sugar

Sugar is a platform that centrally manages a series of exchanges with clients regarding marketing, sales and customer support.

Organisation Centric

Customer Purchase Process Centric

The aim of the Sugar installation offered by SugarCRM Inc. is not just the installation of merely the system. From organization oriented preference, we will continue to change the corporate culture focusing on the customer purchase processes.

  • Intuitive and attractive screen with the latest technology
  • Ability to access the same data from smartphones and tablets
  • Support for the activities of the organization using the collaboration tool
  • Can be installed anywhere, within the company or on cloud
  • Easy data integration from other systems
  • Open technique makes it very easy to customize
  • Can be seamlessly extended in accordance with the changes in the business
  • Future design using simple pricing, there is no confusing additional cost or compulsory upgrade
  • More innovative and solid CRM in moderate prices
  • For all employees with customer contact, we unite the mobility, simplicity and user-friendliness of the consumer oriented application that is not included in the business application

Functionalities Offered

Customer Contact
Call Center
Knowledge Sharing / Groupware
In-house System
Other Operations

Sugar offers the necessary function related to each procedure of marketing, sales and support divisions.
Also, it is possible to apply and support multilingual and multicurrency operations that have a global deployment.。

We can provide a tool for customizing by developing a new custom module(Module Builder), or for changing the layout etc. without programming (Studio).

With the help of connectors, etc., it is possible to facilitate coordination between external systems and analysis tools.


5,000 JPY per month
1 year contract for 1 user. Annual advance payment at the time of contract.
  • Sales Automation and Prediction
  • Marketing Lead Management
  • Support Automation
  • Call Center Automation
  • Report and Dashboard
  • Smartphone App
  • Cloud or on premises
8,125 JPY per month
1 year contract for 1 user. Annual advance payment at the time of contract.
  • Enterprise Level Management
  • Enterprise Forecast Management
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Custom Activity Stream
  • Native SQL Reports
  • Telephone Report
20,000 JPY per month
1 year contract for 1 user. Annual advance payment at the time of contract.
  • 365 Day Support
  • Exclusive Technical Account Manager


  • Unlimited Studio Customization
  • Unlimited Online Support

Contract is a licence agreement of minimum 10 users
Cost is same for cloud implementation as well as in-house implementation
Cloud installation and building services will be estimated separately