Opensource CMS

Opensource is a software program which anyone can freely use and which is published in general on a wide range. As Genero Commerce is using an opensource DrupalCommerce program, following are it’s advantages. In case of CMS which is build by a company, there is a possibility to get trapped into maintenance after releasing the product because of not having the following predominances:
☑ No dependency on a single company and no dependency on limited number of engineers
☑ No lock-in strategy
☑ Fast bug fixing and getting patches from all over the world

Basic settings of SEO tool

SEO counter-measures are extremely important for customer analysis, strategy design and to attract customers. Following 3 tools will be performed by Genero Commerce
☑ Easy setup tool for keywords and description
☑ Google Analytics
☑ Google Search Console

Customer Support chat window

In recent years, commerce sites are providing chat window as a customer support service. This feature has been developed quickly in Genero Commerce. It is possible to set it on e-commerce site as per your request.

Cooperation with other systems

Cooperation with other systems is also easy using Genero Commerce.
Single Sign-on (SSO)
ー Facebook
ー Google Account
ー Account authentication over LDAP

Social Functionality and cooperation

Genero Commerce is not only a commerce tool but it is also a ground-breaking system which can also add a social netorking functionality.
・Manual share
・Online Video
・Event Managment
・Chat, Mailing
Social Networing is also possible.
LINE, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin

Digital Contents Sales

Genero Commers has strength in not only selling the general goods but also in selling digital content.
Sale of videos ( Viewing and dowloading )
Sale of downloadable images
Sale of downloadable softwares

Analysis Feature

By installing analysis tool in administration screen, understanding situation of sales intuitively by graphs or lists is possible.
Sales Report
Average Customer Unit Price
Sales information by years, months or weeks
Product Sales Ranking
Customer Sales Ranking
Analysis Dashboard of Genero Commerce