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Drupal Strengths

Drupal can be used not only for building Brand Websites for companies and organizations, but also for building the Commerce functionality used in Shopping Websites as well as Social Websites like SNS. Drupal uses a system where a number of modules are piled up just like Lego blocks to build high functioning advanced websites rapidly.

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We are building websites by achieving optimum combination of over 20000 modules all over the world.

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It is possible to create rich designs rapidly by using the latest design templates.

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Continuous participation in Community will make you aware of latest developments of the fastest open source platforms.

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Multilingual Support

Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.
With support in more than 100 National languages, you can build Global Websites on a uniform platform.

Using the translation service offered by Lingotek Company, high-quality content can be applied quickly to the in-house translation tools.

Online Marketing

Content can be set in for SEO by efficiently collecting information required by the access analysis by using Google Analytics.
Content creation is possible based on the usage of utilizing list advertising.
  Social Media & Video        

In addition, by using Kaltura Open-Source video distribution platform, you can perform marketing by using the videos.

Responsive Web Support

Easy updation of information is possible using a CMS(Content Management System), but Drupal makes it possible to implement the same in mobile environment. Responsive web uses the ability to adjust the display of the website to match the screen size of smartphones or tablets.

Can change the display according to screen size.

Can align the photos and the text and their information vertically or horizontally to match the screen size.

From the point of Contract to the Delivery

Using Genero Web Management Methodology, we can manage the series of processes from design to delivery in a standardized way to lead the project to success.