Opening EC sites is not a goal but,
scalability in accordance with site’s growth from start,
is to support commerce sites flourish

Expansion is possible at a low cost because of Module extension.

A module is a component that contains a number of functionalities. As Genero commerce performs site expansions by the method of assembling previously built components, it accounts for lesser time and cost that starting from scratch.

Our sites are differentiated due to the ability of customizable expansion

As Genero Commerce is based on PHP, customized extension is possible. Advanced customization and system cooperation is possible in accordance with needs of the customers.

Co-operation with Sugar, a customer relationship management system.

Sugar is a platform that uniformly manages the formal exchange with the customers regarding marketing sales and customer support.


  • Intuitive and fascinating screen by means of the latest technology and Ability to access the same data from tablets and smartphones
  • Support for the activities of the organization using the collaboration tools


  • Can be installed anywhere, within the company or on cloud.
    Easy data integration from other systems.
  • Open technique makes it very easy to customize.
  • Can be seamlessly extended in accordance with the changes in the business


  • Future design using simple pricing, there is no confusing additional cost or compulsory upgrade.
  • More innovative and solid CRM in moderate prices.
  • For all employees with customer contact, we unite the mobility, simplicity and user-friendliness of the consumer oriented application that is not included in the business application.

About SugarCRM

SugarCRM Inc. from the United States is the world’s largest CRM specialist vendor offering SFA(Sales Force Automation)System / CRM(Customer Relationship Management)System.Having over 400 employees worldwide and about 1,500,000 users, it is used in 120 countries and 26 languages. After 20 consecutive quarters of growth, from being a major IT Research Company, it has been selected to be a leader in CRM software sector.